Elegant Low Tube PLanter 46cmX58cm


Elegant Low Tube PLanter 46cmX58cm

This lightweight planter of Dutch origin features a wonderful vertical structure. The planter features a modern and simple design that fits any interior or exterior. The inspiration for this planter comes from nature, like all other textures of our design planters.

The Capi Urban Tube NL planter with its soft and earthy colours is the perfect base for your plant. We carry the grey version in stock. 

Planter with insulation layer
Did you know that this planter protects the roots of the plant? The orange insulation layer ensures a constant temperature inside the planter and retains the water longer, so you don’t need to water the plant as often. During hot summers, the insulating effect makes for a comfortable temperature in the planter, while in winter, it protects against the cold and even against frost.

Your planter for indoor and outdoor use
This Capi Urban Tube NL planter can be used in the garden, on your terrace, or on your balcony, but just as easily indoors as an accessory or design object. Are you using the planter outside? Then make sure to drill a drainage hole the size of a two-euro coin in the bottom of the planter. In this way, any excess water can run out of the planter, leaving the roots of the plant nice and healthy.

10-years warranty
This planter has a 10-year manufacturers warranty against production errors. 

Product characteristics of Capi Urban Tube NL

  • Frost-resistant
  • UV-resistant
  • Break-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • 100% recyclable

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