Classic Terracotta

Terracotta is a natural product that has been around as long as man has used clay to make vessels and sculpture.  "Terra cotta" is Italian for "baked earth".  Iron oxides in the clay produce the distinctive orange colour. It is such a classic material and with care should last a lifetime making it a sustainable product. All of our Terracotta is of the highest quality, is Italian made, and is frost resistant to -25 degrees C, (care must be taken to ensure there is proper drainage so that pots don't become water logged in winter).

Our supplier uses Galestro Colorobbia clay in the production of its unique light-tan coloured terracotta pots and Etrusca clay for its mocha/grey ones. These are both high quality clays from Tuscany which contain a lot of minerals and iron which help the plants grow and avoid the excessive use of fertilisers.

These special colours, together with the modern designs make our products unique and suitable for any type of interior or exterior furnishing.

All our products are hand-finished by craftsmen in the factory in Italy.